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GOTRACK™ is a simple to use browser based GPS Management system, providing  24 hour access to your fleet from any PC or MAC with internet access.

GOTRACK’S™ advanced system uses the latest Microsoft Silverlight software to bring feature rich, vibrant images to any PC or MAC with an internet connection. Silverlight mobile is expected to launch shortly which will give access to phone based browsers, including iPhones.

High visibility – real-time status

Our high visibility display provides a real time overview of your mobile workforce, their current location, speed and direction along with any alerts such as speeding or driver duress.

turn by turn tracking

For customers that want a true ‘real time’ system GOTRACK My Fleet TBT™ provides an update each time the vehicle changes direction or an event such as speeding takes place; this is in addition to a 3 minute timed update. This gives our customers a true view of vehicle activity in real time.

Geofences, Customer Sites and Points of Interest


It’s great to be able to know where your vehicle or mobile phones are located. It’s fantastic that you can see what street they are located on, but unless you know all of your customers and regular locations, including points of interest such as competitors, garages, home addresses and more, much of this information becomes limited. GOTRACK™ can electronically tag any of these locations, giving each a name and grouping them by type.

site screen

A location can be any size or shape you wish; it can even be a section of road or any other corridor. Once tagged, any activity within a location will provide the location name, not just a street name.

Using our reporting suite, detailed information about each location can be seen including:

gotrack portal
Date and time of each visit.
gotrack portal
Average time per site.
gotrack portal
Number of site visits by vehicle.
gotrack portal
Vehicle events per site.

Monitor Speed

Monitoring speed levels can help your business drastically reduce fuel usage, vehicle wear and tear and more importantly reduce the risk of accidents. GOTRACK™ delivers this information in easy-to-see formats including timeline charts and location update lists.

monitor Speed

Fuel Management

Fuel use is a major cost component  to almost every business. With increasing fuel prices, reducing this cost is a high priority.  In addition to understanding vehicle activity and having detailed information about each trip, GOTRACK™  can monitor specific vehicle fuel usage, producing vital information including purchase points, average fuel use and fuel usage trends. Understanding how and where fuel is being used will greatly assist in reducing your fuel cost.


Fuel Consumption Trends

This report lists the Fuel Consumption Values and the resulting trends of the selected vehicle group. The report indicates whether the Fuel Consumption Trends are either increasing or decreasing compared  with the last three reporting periods.

fuel consumption

Monitor Temperature


With the addition of temperature sensors, GOTRACK My Fleet™ can deliver vital information, listing temperature events for the specified vehicle. Its location, input statuses, sensor description, temperature reading, thresholds and duration are listed for each temperature event.  All events are grouped by day in the reports which also includes a graph indicating various readings of all sensors.

temperature monitoring

Comprehensive Reporting Suite

GOTRACK™ offers a wide range of easy to understand reports providing your business with the information it needs to make informed business decisions.

Reports are grouped to make navigation a breeze.
v1 vehicle trip
v2a v2
v3a v3
v4a v4
Sample Trip Report
management report
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