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What makes GOTRACK Different
GOTRACK™ is a fully scaleable web based GPS tracking system. Our GPS tracking system offers a range intelligent tracking solutions including: GOTRACK My Fleet™, a fully featured fleet management solution, which includes a full job management option. When it comes to safety, GOTRACK™ has it own Accident Reconstruction Kit (ARK), which can be added to any of the GOTRACK™ My Fleet range. Our service offers Australia wide live tracking with GOTRACK My Fleet Global™, an Iridium hybrid system.
In addition to our fully featured vehicle tracking systems GOTRACK™ offers a range of personal tracking and asset tracking solutions using the latest GPS technology.
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Return on investment

Investing in a GOTRACK™ system will help save money. These savings will come from several areas of your business. Some savings are clear such as fuel use, reduced overtime and increased productivity. Improved customer service, reduced staff stress and key management information about customer trends including time spent with customers will contribute to the bottom line.

Our example focuses on just three key areas.

fuel Reduce Fuel Costs
With fuels cost rising, reducing excessive fuel use and monitoring private use will save money
mileage Reduce Unauthorised Use
Excessive private mileage and unauthorised use increases fuel use, service costs affects the life of the vehicle.
wages Reduce Overtime Claims
Vehicle tracking will dramatically reduce false or inflated overtime claims
margins Increased Productivity
Knowing where vehicles are will help to improve planning and work allocation leading to a higher productivity level
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Don't just take our word for it - download your FREE Cost Analysis Calculator and see for yourself
GOTRACK Pays for itself
Save just 1% in the key areas shown below and GOTRACK™ will not only pay for itself, it will increase the bottom line for your business. Take a look at the example below, then download your FREE Cost Analysis Calculator and see for yourself.

calc 1

calc 2

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