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GOTRACK My Fleet Global

GOTRACK My Fleet Global ™ is a fully featured GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system with automatic tracking, management reporting and historic data available from any computer with access to the internet. Using the latest Microsoft Silverlight technology, our online portal provides easy access to your entire fleet. Using the latest Hybrid technology you can be sure of complete coverage even in the most remote areas of Australia.

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Browser Based Access

Myionu™ for vehicles global delivers real-time data from vehicle and assets which is displayed in a clear, easy to understand format which can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection, anywhere in the world.

Myionu™ for vehicles global uses the Quake Global Q-Pro Satellite Data Modem with Iridium/GPS/Next G and is a portable, self-contained global modem working over both iridium and Telstra Next G. It is ideal for remote asset tracking and monitoring applications where the asset may move out of cellular coverage.

The Q-Pro delivers reliable two-way through the Iridium and terrestrial Telstra Next G  networks. For location and navigational applications, the Q-Pro is equipped with an advanced 22-channel GPS system.

The Q-Pro modem has numerous customisation options including routing of data over satellite/GSM, inputs/outputs, memory, CANbus, and antenna detection. Myionu™ for vehicles global is configured to deliver realtime tracking while in the Telstra Next G with updates every minute. Where there is no mobile network, location data is sent every 30 minutes using the Iridium Satellite network whilst at the same time, storing all other telemetry data until Next G becomes available to reduce communication costs. Critical information such as start/stop along safety information such as a duress or roll-over is immediately sent via Iridium giving complete peace of mind. As soon as there is Next G coverage all of the stored data is uploaded and can be viewed online in detail.

Key Features

  • Fully user programmable
  • Dual mode Iridium + Next G with GPS
  • 22 channel GPS
  • IP67 rated
  • CANbus J1939 (optional)
  • Options available with Next G only and Next G/Iridium
  • 8 digital IO, 4 digital outputs (Relays), 2 Analogue Inputs


  • Driver Duress
  • Roll over alerts
  • Canbus
Welcome to Myionu GOTRACK
Iridium GPS Tracking
See all vehicles on a large monitor.
One of the major benefits of having a web based system is the ability to display information on several screens. Many companies use this facility to view all vehicles on a large screen for multiple staff to refer to:
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Buy Outright From $1499
There has never been a better time to invest in a GPS vehicle tracking system from Myionu GOTRACK than now. Our competitive outright purchase option is just $1499 with optional on-site installation.
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Myionu for Vehicles Global™ $1800

own GPS Tracking frm $399
Myionu for Vehicles Global™ real time tracking system which uses both Telstra GSM and Iridium to provide Australia wide connectivity regardless of mobile phone coverage. GOTRACK My Fleet Global is available or a low $1499 including GST. Service fees, which include all SIM and data costs can be paid monthly at $80 and includes 12000bytes of Iridium SBD. GOTRACK use Telstra Next G and Iridium as their carrier.
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
All Myionu GPS Tracking systems come with aLifetime replacement guarantee
Rent from $3.99 a day
Our no deposit rental options include on-site installation and all service fees. Applying is easy and takes just 15 minutes,
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Myionu - GOTRACK™ has partnered with Flexirent; Australia’s leading finance provider for technology based products and service.

End of Term options
Flexirent’s end of term and near end of term options give you the flexibility to manage your changing IT needs. Within the final six months of the agreement, Flexirent will endeavour to contact you and advise that you will shortly need to consider your options. As “Flexirenting” is a rental program, you are not buying the equipment, so you will need to choose one of the following options:

Swap and Save
In the last 3 months of your agreement you can upgrade to new equipment and Flexirent will waive the remaining payments. You simply return the old equipment in good working order and take out a new agreement for equal or higher value.


Double Time Extension
After the end of the agreement, if you want to continue using the equipment, you can choose to make one more payment equal to a normal monthly payment at the end and you will double the length of your agreement.
Alternatively, you may want to keep the equipment and also take out an agreement on new equipment. If you do this one month prior to the end of the term and the new agreement will be of equal or greater value, Flexirent will waive the Extend Payment and up to one month’s rental.


Own the Equipment
If you would like to own all or some of the equipment at the end of the agreement, you can make us an offer of any price but we have to right to accept or reject.

Return the Equipment
If at the end, you have no use for the equipment, simply return it to Flexirent with no more to pay.
Why Rent?
Fast & convenient
Application is by phone in under 15 minutes. You can Flexirent from $500 - $25,000 and get approval in minutes.
No deposit. no deposit
100% lease financing
You simply pay the first month’s rental, and then take the equipment away. This allows you to conserve your vital working capital.
Key Features

Outright Purchase Options



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Myionu for Vehicles Global




Service Fees



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Rental Options – Including Installation, Service Fees & GST




24 Month

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GOTRACK MY Fleet Global



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See how Myionu - GORTRACK™ can your business

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With such a wide choice of GPS Tracking systems on the market, sometimes it’s hard to tell what is good and what is not so good. Before looking at all the features and benefits of any system, ensure that the equipment on offer has the A Tick approval. Without this approval ANY live tracking device should not be used in Australia. All of our products are A-Tick approved so you can rest assured it has met all the required criteria to be used in Australia. In Addition to A-Tick approval our products also carry the CE and FCC approvals.
A Tick

Myionu - GOTRACK™ has a national network of mobile installers providing a fast and reliable installation service. In order to minimise down time, we also offer an on-site installation service at no extra charge (mobile Installation is based on installation in Metro areas. Additional charges may apply outside of a Metro area).

Covert Installations  
Sometimes there is a need to install our systems covertly. Right from the start our discretion is assured, dealing only with named contacts within your organisation. Installation can be carried out off-site and scheduled with you to coincide with other vehicle activity such as servicing.
Changing Vehicles  
Our service continues on well after the initial installation. As time goes on and vehicles are replaced, we are on hand to remove the unit from the old vehicle and reinstall again into the new vehicle.
Following installation, our National Training Coordinator will make contact to provide training on the system.   
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