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GOTRACK My Job Live provides the benefits of live real time tracking of your mobile workforce combined with a fully interactive job planning and dispatch system, which delivers and receives real time job information to and from your field based staff using their mobile telephone
Buy Outright From $499 - Includes 100 free jobs
There has never been a better time to invest in a GPS vehicle tracking system from GOTRACK than now. Our competitive outright purchase option is just $499.
Rent from $9.46 a week - Includes 100 free jobs
Our no deposit rental options include on-site installation and all service fees. Applying is easy and takes just 15 minutes,
Live Tracking
Live GPS locations from GOTRACK are seamlessly integrated with the GeoOP Job planning and dispatch system. The vehicle is constantly tracked, updating every three minutes whilst on the move, locations are also automatically updated at the start and end of each trip. Current location is displayed on the web based portal via the GeoOP Smart phone application. Jobs can then be easily allocated to the nearest worker with full job details, including customer location being sent directly to the drivers mobile phone.
  live tracking
Job Management
  Job Planning

GeoCommand is the mission control, or command centre for your business. Schedule, dispatch and monitor all your Jobs and keep an eye on what your mobile workers are up to.

Jobs and job notes can be added, edited, searched for and retrieved in seconds, allowing your staff to respond to enquiries and dispatch jobs effectively. Any job status updates or additional text notes, photos, signatures* or invoices added by your mobile workers from their smart phones are instantly available to your administration staff. Your admin staff can also add notes, photos, invoices and even files such as PDF or Word documents to the job to ensure the assigned mobile worker has everything needed to complete the job at hand.

Navigate to Jobs
Jobs can be sent to and from the mobile providing real time data. Turn By Turn Directions from your current location to the job can be downloaded and viewed free in Google. GeoOP also integrates with the optional TOM TOM Navigation software which can be download from from I Tunes
Mobile APP
View Mobile Workforce in Real time
Location of all users is automatically updated every three minutes when on the move so you'll be sure to know where everyone is, every time. Locations can be viewed via the web or mobile interfaces.
Accept, Reject or Reallocate Jobs on The Go
This outstanding technology allows your mobile workforce to accept, reject and even reallocate jobs to other workers while on the move. Because the whole system is live, everyone, including the office are kept up to date at the press of a button.
Real time Job Progress
Using the smart phone application, workers can confirm their attendance on site as well as setting a job timer to accurately record the time taken to complete the job. Once complete, job details including notes, parts and even photos and signatures* can be relayed instantly back to the office.
What's Included
GOTRACK My Job Live™ integrates seamlessly with the GeoOP pay as you go job management system. Our monthly service fee includes all mobile data and sim costs generated by your GOTRACK™ unit. Locations are updated every three minutes during a trip and automatically at the being and end of each trip .There are no additional costs for the GeoOP software which can be accessed from any PC or smart phone, you'll only pay for the jobs you need. GeoOP is completely scalable for just about any size business. For the first time, an advanced job dispatch, mobile workforce management and GPS tracking product is within easy reach of any small to medium sized enterprise.To get you started we'll include 100 free jobs per device. As with all GOTRACK™ GPS tracking products, GOTRACK My Job Live™ is modular which means our full fleet management system GOTRACK MZone™ and GOTRACK Service Log™ can be applied to an individual device or an entire fleet with no additional hardware requirements.
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  • GPS Tracking unit - either OBD2 or Hardwired formats
  • Scheduling and planning software
  • Live Tracking
  • SIM Card and Data from GOTRACK Tracking Device
  • Access to the GeoOP Portal
  • 100 Free Jobs
Add GOTRACK MZONE™ for just $10 per month   gotrack fleet managment
Adding full GPS Fleet management can be done at any time. GOTRACK MZone™ provides live and historic data including trip information, customer activity, detailed trip information and much more. This functionality can be added to a single unit or the entire fleet. Adding this service will provide you with all the added functionality of the GOTRACK Guardian Pro (OBD2 format) or GOTRACK My Fleet (hardwired format)

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Job Fees
Jobs Fees
Total Price (USD)
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GOTRACK Mzone Pay Monthly
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GOTRACK Service Log Monthly

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GOTRACK My Job - Live



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Our team of knowledgeable staff and dealers are on hand to provide you with all the help and advice you need. We'll listen to your needs and suggest a plan to meet those needs.
Live Demonstration - Click to book Demonstration
Don't take our word for it, see for yourself how GOTRACK™ can help your business and book your free live demonstration. Our team of trained consultants will help analyse your business needs and show you how our system can help your business.
With such a wide choice of GPS Tracking systems on the market, sometimes it’s hard to tell what is good and what is not so good. Before looking at all the features and benefits of any system, ensure that the equipment on offer has the A Tick approval. Without this approval ANY live tracking device should not be used in Australia. All of our products are A-Tick approved so you can rest assured it has met all the required criteria to be used in Australia. In Addition to A-Tick approval our products also carry the CE and FCC approvals.
A Tick
Following installation, our National Training Coordinator will make contact to provide training on the system.   
GOTRACK My Job Live ™ Enhanced Services
GOTRACK has a range of additional products and services designed enhance our range of fleet management solutions. Many of the additional services can be set up without the need to take the vehicle off the road or purchase any additional hardware. Services can be added to individual vehicles, selected vehicles or the entire fleet.
GOTRACK MZONE ™ $15 per month
  service log
GOTRACK Service Log™ $5 per month
  GOTRACK MZone is our fully featured GPS Fleet management portal which provides real time and historic fleet data including trip history, customer activity, driver behavior and much more.  
GOTRACK Service Log™ is a subscription based system with no capital outlay. If vehicles are installed with any GOTRACK™ system, the odometer will update automatically.
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